VCPA Monthly Meeting

The Vietnamese Canadians Professionals Association (VCPA) host a networking meeting on either the first or second Thursday of each month with the intention to encourage members within the Association to help educate other members about their respective fields as well as learn and understand what other members have to offer.

Professional Network Referral

Members of VCPA have the opportunity every month to meet with other members to learn about member’s individual careers and services. This allows members to broaden their network. VCPA Members support the growth of other members in the association, one way to do this is by Network Referral.

For example: Person A meets Person B who owns a Travel Agency at a VCPA Monthly Meeting. Person A four months later learns that their friend Person C needs information in regards to traveling abroad on Vacation to Europe.

Person A can now connect Person B (whom they met at a VCPA meeting) with Person C (who is in need of this service) This promotes further networking outside of a VCPA meeting, and also increases clientele for Person B

Professional Knowledge Pool

VCPA Members come from many different fields, because of this it allows for us to share information amongst the group to increase our knowledge on topics we had no prior knowledge of.

VCPA encourages it’s members to practice public speaking skills, as well as to promote the member’s individual businesses. Therefore a part of our Monthly meeting is designed to allow two members per month to present on their respective business and educate the rest of the members of their specialty and field.

Aside from Member Speakers, we also invite a special Guest Speaker every month that comes from outside the Association to give a 30 min workshop or presentation on the chosen topic.

Meeting Detail

+ Date: The second Thursday of every month

+ Time:

Net working: 6:30pm-7:30pm (snack and mingle)

Meeting: 7:30pm-9:30pm

+ Location: To be determined

+ MC: To be determined