Student Ambassador Program

The Youth Ambassador role is to give the Vietnamese Student exposure and an opportunity to work alongside Vietnamese professionals in the community. Through this role, they will act as the point or contact for VCPA in their respective school, in regards to the youth programs. Our vision is to give an opportunity for the students to understand, learn, and relay what we do at VCPA to their VSAs. To welcome and recruit the leaders of tomorrow.

The responsibility and benefits of this role are:
•Exposure to the Vietnamese businesses/professionals within GTA to further expand your network
•Act as a liaison between VSA and VCPA in regards to the Mentorship Program/Internship Program and other events
•Be recognized within our Youth Program on our website
•Attend our monthly meetings and special events throughout the year
•Create an individual or joint workshop/networking event in collaboration with VCPA professionals
•Receive a letter of referral from our President