VCPA Mentorship Program

VCPA is launching an exciting new Vietnamese Professional Mentorship program! Our aim is to provide support to students who aspire to enter into professional fields, including: professional trades (plumbing, contracting, welding, etc.) and self-regulated professionals (teachers, accountants, engineers, lawyers, doctors, investment professionals, real estate professionals, etc.)


Vietnamese students deserve a mentor to give them, to the greatest extent possible, a leg up in applying for their program of study and for jobs. VCPA believes it is our duty to foster the future generation of Vietnamese professionals. To that end, our mentorship program would benefit the community in the following ways:

a) Benefit to professionals: Pass on your hard-learned lessons and foster the future generation. Create a legacy for your name and career by training future generations of successful Vietnamese-Canadian professionals. Earn valuable CPD mentorship hours if qualified under your self-regulated professional governing body. VCPA will provide a confirmation letter of involvement for mentors)
b) Benefits to students: Get a leg up on your career. If you are unsure about what field you want to work in, get a priceless insider’s view of your potential profession. Build a relationship with a mentor who can assist you in growing into the professional you hope to be.

Application Process:

VCPA will accept applications from students that set out their field of study and target career path. VCPA will match students with professionals in the proper practice area, with an aim to mentor the student to succeed in that industry.

a) VCPA will collect applications from Ontario post-secondary students in undergraduate programs.
b) VCPA will match the student with a mentor, who works in the field in which the student has interest.
c)  Please email: for more information.
d) Once matched, VCPA will send the parties the contact information and a starter package. The student is responsible for first point of contact with the mentor.
e) Within 30 days of contact, the mentor and student must meet.
f) Follow up meeting must be scheduled within 60 days of the initial meeting.
g) After 90 days, VCPA will reach out to get an update on how the mentorship relationship is progressing and provide confirmation of participation letter to both parties.

To Apply: